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In the 32 years from 1980 through 2012, 324 individuals have received both the MD and PhD degrees from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. As is illustrated below, an overwhelming majority are pursuing careers in academic medicine. The earliest graduates are now Full Professors and Department Chairs, and more recent graduates are moving steadily up the academic ladder. The small percentage of graduates who are not in academic medicine are, for the most part, in research positions at the NIH or in biotechnology or pharmaceutical firms. Of these, most are in leadership positions. A small fraction of graduates are in private practice. Thus, the MD-PhD Program appears to be fulfilling its mission to train the next generation of leaders in academic medicine and medical research.

We are able to achieve these outcomes while maintaining a reasonable time to graduation, which at 7.8 years compares favorably to peer institutions. We feel this proven track record of graduating students is a reflection of strong institutional support, an integrated curriculum, and faculty commitment to mentorship.

Time to Graduation (1980 - 2007)

Time to Graduation (1980 – 2007)

Our students primarily take academic positions and have had admirable success in achieving leadership positions.