Admission statistics below are average values for the incoming class 2017-2018.

Primary Applications Received: 644
Completed Secondary Applications Received: 514
Interviews: 74
Matriculating Class Size: 10

Undergraduate Institutions Represented in the Incoming Class of 2017:

University of Maryland, College of William & Mary, Princeton University, University of Colorado, New York University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, California Institute of Technology, University of Miami, The University of Virginia

Admission statistics below are for all current students.

Current Students: 106
Females: 36
Males: 70
Underrepresented Minorities: 16

Average GPA: 3.91
GPA Range: 3.61-4.00

Average MCAT Score: 523
MCAT Score Range: 521-528

Entering Class Size: 10 matriculants